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A 1 Design Associates
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I began my computer experience when DOS was the backbone of computers.  Things have changed since then and I found out that I had a drive to learn as much as I could about computers and software solutions.

A 1 Design Associates began in 2007 after having my 1st experience at having someone design a site for me.  The site design took months and the cost was extremely expensive.

While having my 1st website designed for me,  I knew that this could be done easier, less expensive and why does it have to take months for a site design.  So I began another journey to learn and research as much as I could about website design and marketing.

Through research and hard work I found out how to design a site that will be visually attractive.  I also found out that it takes more than just a template to design a website that is searchable by the major search engines.  When buying the website template they do not tell you that it will be pretty but what is pretty if the search engines will not search and find you. 
Search engines have specific guidelines for your site to gain ranking in the search order.

I can make your website not only attractive but function correctly with the search engine guidelines.

Contact me at (813) 625-9373 or email me at [email protected]
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